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      MM Cosmetics GmbH has a wide range of professional hair care and styling products, make-up and professional face and body care products, which are all gathered in one place. We have plenty of brands and we can quickly import them upon the customers request.
      We have a full portfolio of products for hairdressers and stylists not only with the LOreal, Wella or Schwarzkopf Professional logos, but also brands popular only on local markets.

      We are sure that make-up artists will find in our range their favourite products, including such brands as Estee Lauder, Clarins, YSL, Guerlain, Givenchy, Chanel, Max Factor, Revlon, LOreal Paris and many other cosmetic brands. Beauty salons should be interested in our range of the best nail polish cosmetics brands. We are contracted to top cosmetic brand manufacturer’s and we get supplied as per client offer

      Our customers are beauty salons, which offer hairdressing, cosmetic and facial services, as well as online and traditional shops, but also wholesale companies of various sizes, including the largest. Our business activity area includes all of Europe (including all EU countries and others), Asia (including China), North America (United States and Canada) and Russia. In our customer base we currently have over 500 active customers doing wholesale shopping.